Luigi’s Magic Mushroom: The Track That Foreshadowed Eelke Kleijn’s Creative Evolution

Jun 2, 2023

John Cameron

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Make no mistake, it was a long and winding road that led Dutch dance music DJ and producer Eelke Kleijn to his progressive/deep house style. But long before he arrived at his organic sound signature, he released a track that served as an early indicator of his future trajectory.

In the 2000s, Eelke dabbled in a wide variety of styles but became perhaps best known for trance. Then, he released “Luigi’s Magic Mushroom” in 2007. By his own measure, it’s one of his few tracks from the period that still sparks significant joy when he listens to it.

“When I look back, I see myself as someone who was still learning how to find my preference,” Eelke Kleijn told Gray Area during his Spotlight interview. “I was getting all these different influences, and I was pretty much releasing everything I made. When I look back critically, there are some records that stood the test of time but there are also some that are dated and I might not even remember the name. ‘Luigi’s Magic Mushroom’ is still a favorite of mine and I work it into sets every now and then.”

It’s easy to see why. With its pillowy atmospheres and 8-bit sound effects, “Luigi’s Magic Mushroom” hints at the sophisticated influences that would eventually shape Eelke’s sound. Today, his DAYS like NIGHTS label has come to provide a platform for similarly melodic fare from artists the world over. When he cut that track more than 15 years ago, though, he couldn’t possibly have had any idea what lay in store.

As for examples of Eelke’s more recent style? Truth be told, there are too many to count. For a quick cross-section of some of his more career-defining cuts, however, check out this list of five Eelke Kleijnberg songs compiled by Gray Area.

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