From Classical Roots to Electronic Stardom: The Unstoppable Journey of Eelke Kleijn

May 16, 2023

GA Editorial Team

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In the dynamic landscape of electronic music, Eelke Kleijn stands as a figure of distinct originality and depth. Born and raised in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Kleijn's journey into music began at an early age, seated at a piano, where he received his classical training. Little did he know then that these early years would be the bedrock of his expansive music career.

Kleijn's talent for crafting emotive melodies and complex soundscapes propelled him to prominence. His dance floor anthems and remixes of artists like John Legend, Pendulum, and James Newton Howard are testimonies to his deft musical ability. Yet, it's his original productions that truly set him apart. His music, a lush fusion of tech and melodic deep house, resonates with fans and fellow artists alike, earning him acclaim from icons like Pete Tong and Fatboy Slim.

His affinity for melody, cultivated during his piano-playing days, is a defining feature of his style. This passion for music extends beyond the club, permeating everyday moments, and creating soundtracks for life's quieter instances. His tracks, like "A Tale of Two Lovers" and "Mistakes I’ve Made", are testament to this, blending romance and electronica in a dance of melodic synergy.

Kleijn’s imprint extends far beyond the dance music circuit. His skills as a composer led him to score music for Hollywood trailers, TV series, and adverts for clients like Nike and T-Mobile. This foray into the cinematic world showcases his versatility and ability to adapt his creative process to different mediums.

His relationship with labels like Toolroom Records further amplified his music to a global audience. His mixes are not merely meant to move the dance floor, but to take listeners on a musical voyage, underlining his ethos of music as a journey rather than a destination.

Throughout his career, Eelke Kleijn has demonstrated a unique ability to harmonize the worlds of dance and classical music. His story is one of evolution and passion, of a boy at a piano in Rotterdam growing into a musical maestro. As he continues to explore new sounds and push boundaries, one thing is certain: Kleijn's melody will continue to touch souls, just as it did when he first began.

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