5 Techno Bangers from Germany's Lilly Palmer

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5 Techno Bangers from Germany's Lilly Palmer

Amsterdam-based German DJ and producer Lilly Palmer has made a name for herself internationally thanks to her punishing hard techno productions and journey-to-the-underworld DJ sets. She put out her first release in 2015, an EP called Teaser, and has followed with a parade of banging techno on iconic imprints such as Adam Beyer's Drumcode, along with her own growing imprint, Spannung Records.

"In German, Spannung has two meanings. On the one hand it means voltage, and on the other hand it means tension," Palmer told Gray Area in 2021. "I love this wordplay because tension can be either positive or negative. But it also reminds me of the job of a DJ—you're always under tension."

She certainly plays with power and tension in her own original music. Read on to hear and learn more about five of Lilly Palmer's hottest techno tracks.

1. We Control

"We Control" is a rhythmic yet hard-hitting techno banger, released in February on Drumcode. The full six-and-a-half-minute version takes time to build up to its full power, twisting and turning through echoing highways littered with synths, kick drums, and a nearly unrelenting bassline. It leads a four-track EP of the same name, which hit #1 on the Beatport techno charts, and it is her first solo output on the famed techno label. Prior to that, she contributed "Amnesie" to their A-Sides Vol. 10 compilation album.

"The title track embodies a key-driven Motor City vibe before thrilling waves of jagged synths and ravey effects take the cut into brain-spangling bosh territory," as Drumcode eloquently and accurately described it.

2. Resonate

The Resonate EP is both Drumcode and Palmer's latest release, comprising three new techno singles led by the acid-tinged title track. "Resonate" is a euphoric, peak-time, driving techno heater-and-a-half that demonstrates what the Spannung head does best: moody techno bangers with ear-catching flourishes and simple, commanding vocals.

3. Temptation

"Temptation" is a stellar 2021 release on Palmer's own Spannung Records imprint. It's rhythmic and driving—and about a minute and a half in, it breaks out in a burst what I lovingly call synth farts, which always make an extra impact when you feel that bass through a big-ass sound system. This track will have you running your fasted mile and/or losing your mind on the dancefloor. I'll take both.

4. Aether

"Aether" is another 2021 track on Lilly's own label. It starts out a bit more muted—relatively speaking—and plays with tension and release as it ebbs and flows its energy levels. The track demonstrates the German artist's range, as well as her pension for always incorporating different sounds and effects to surprise and excite listeners. If you've only listened to the first minute of the "Aether," you really have no idea what you'll get across this epic, seven-and-a-half minute techno odyssey.

5. We Will Survive (Egbert & Lilly Palmer 2022 Rework)

"We Will Survive" is an amazing sample of Y2K Eurodance, a 2000 hard trance track by German duo Warp Brothers. Fittingly for 2020, Palmer and her boyfriend Egbert, a Dutch DJ and producer, revived the classic and transformed it into a spacey, acid techno heater.

The original and the remix were definitely both retrieved from the same undiscovered rave planet, but the perfect rework subdues the '00s energy and transmutes it into a futuristic banger ripe to get the dancefloor going for many more years. It marked the debut release on Spannung Records, which also gave a home to a new track from the Warp Brothers in March 2022.

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