6 Must-Hear Tracks Signed to Iglesias' Woodlands Records

Nov 4, 2022

Carolina Quijano

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Woodlands Records is the imprint of UK DJ and producer Iglesias and his best friend Danny Sparkes. Together, they created the label as an offshoot of their successful Woodlands Studios, which offers masterclasses in mixing, producing, and editing. With a shared love of music and a pursuit of the latest and greatest in talent, their goal is to showcase up-and-coming artists and producers with a wide variety of styles and genres.

“You know, some people only sign stuff that they're going to play. I'm not really like that. I just really need to enjoy it and resonate with what that producer’s doing, essentially,” Iglesias told Gray Area during our Spotlight interview.

Much like their success as recording artists, their label is prospering. They’ve featured an eclectic array of artists from all kinds of genres and it’s refreshing on so many levels. Iglesias and Sparkes are trying to expand people’s musical horizons—and they’re doing just that with this label.

“I've signed some stuff that I actually honestly is probably not what I would play out, but I really enjoy listening to it,” Iglesias said. “Maybe it's a great piece of production or the mix is amazing on it, and I know it's gonna resonate with a different type of person.”

If you haven’t yet started listening to Woodland Records artists, don’t worry. We’ve compiled six tracks from the six artists that have (so far) been signed to this promising imprint.

1. Marcellus - Loyalty

Londoner Marcellus released his track, “Loyalty” on Woodlands Records in 2021. In fact, his Memories EP was the first release on the label, and I must say, what a debut. “Loyalty” is a drum-filled breakbeat and UK bass song that pays homage to breaks from back in the day. Marcellus has an uncanny ability to take his sound from old school to modern in no time.

2. Nicolò Bonelli, Jezen - Style of Your Own

Nicolò Bonelli and Jezen’s release “Style of Your Own” sparks total nostalgia for me. The beat is reminiscent of the Nightcrawlers’ “Push the Feeling On” and the lyrics come from Nastaja’s vocals from Enur’s track “Calabria 2007,” both of which remind me of party days past. The result is a stripped-down, slowed version full of minimal and deep tech vibes that are unique yet familiar at the same time.

3. Sorley - Poison Love

Sorley makes it onto our list with his track “Poison Love” off of his Tale of Two Hearts album. When I say this song is filled with love, it’s no exaggeration. The track is made for the dancefloor, from its vocals to its percussion, so what’s not to love?

4. GruuvElement’s, Cotoraci - Right Now

London-based duo GruuvElement’s released “Right Now” on a collaborative EP of the same name. They join forces with Cotoraci for the track “Right Now,” which contains syncopated drums and bouncy rhythms. This tech house single truly showcases the aforementioned artists’ clean, organic production.

5. RSquared - Archie

Duo RSquared, composed of Ryan and Rory, are up next with the track “Archie” from their Realisation EP. It's a deliciously energetic tech house song that evokes an all-around good feeling. “Archie” pays homage to tracks of house past with its upbeat style, rolling percussion, and powerful diva vocals. It’s definitely a song made for dancing.

6. Rob Stillekens - Touch Me BB

Promising artist Rob Stillekens released his single “ Touch Me BB” off his EP of the same name this past July. “Touch Me BB” is a tech house joint with the right amount of vocals laid over a soothing, mesmerizing beat. This track screams summertime banger and will have you moving anytime you hear it.

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