Iglesias Says Spain’s Dance Scene has “More Focus on Music, Less on Drugs”

Nov 4, 2022

Riley Sprock

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Born in Galicia, Spain, then raised in the UK by parents native to both countries, DJ and producer Iglesias offers a unique perspective on Spain’s dance scene and how it differs from the rest of the world.

During his Spotlight interview with Gray Area, Iglesias shared, “I really, really love playing in Spain, because of the culture and how people respond to music over there. It’s actually a little bit different from the UK, for example, it's a different feeling. Everyone's so happy. More focus on music, less on drugs.”

This is coming from someone who hasn’t touched substances other than alcohol in over nine years. “I'm so much more aware of what's going on,” Iglesias said. “When I go to different clubs I can see, and without stereotyping too much, and it’s definitely what I've noticed. I just love playing [in Spain] because they respond so well.”

When asked how they respond differently he explained, “It really does depend on the club and where you play, but at 7 AM, they still want to keep going. It's not like a druggie keep going. It’s more like, ‘We literally love the music, keep going until we go to sleep’ type of thing.”

Iglesias is not new to club life, either. Before ever producing music himself, he threw parties in the southern part of the UK and he’s been around the scene for quite some time. An anomaly in an industry where drug use is prevalent, he made the decision to cut them out because “I just have ADHD. So I've got a really, really addictive personality."

"Everything that I do, it's a billion percent," Iglesias said. "It's one of those things where if I do something, like how I am with music, it's all or nothing. So with drugs, it was all or nothing, too."

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