7 Tracks that Showcase the Iglesias Sound

Nov 3, 2022

Alicia Baron

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Hailing from London, Iglesias is a quick-rising and globally recognized DJ and producer building a solid reputation. His sound can be described as a unique spin on tech house, colored by a passion for deep house with a glimmer of techno. It’s layered with complex textures, rolling percussion, and powerful rhythms. His music kinetically charges the dance floor, infectiously captivating and the listener with funky grooves.

Iglesias has dropped tracks on labels such as Hottrax, Moon Harbour, elrow, Mindshake, Sola Records, Repopulate Mars, Solid Grooves, and Of Unsound Mind. Many of his releases elicit enormous responses and top the charts.

His Woodlands Studio venture allows him an outlet to produce and fine-tune releases from the industry's leading artists. Its label extension, Woodlands Records, also serves as a platform to showcase his favorite talent from, increasing his accolades as a master producer and allowing him to further carve out his lane.

Iglesias boasts over 100 releases at the time of writing. Below is a small sample of his best tracks.


This was an epic 2020 release on Toolroom and undoubtedly Iglesias’ most noteworthy release. He takes a quintessential Missy Elliot vocal sample and twists it with multiple layers of shifty percussion sounds and a powerful buildup.

2. Been A Long Time

Released on elrow Music, this track is full of energy and funky sounds. Iglesias’ signature tech house vibe suits the label well. The vocals give off an ‘80s house vibe with tantalizing, vibrant layers of psychedelic synth progressions.

3. Sleep like a Stoner

This early release on Under No Illusion focuses on a looped and quirky female vocal layered over strong and uncompromising tribal drums. This song is upbeat and leans towards tech house with a tinge of Italian house that creates a fusion guaranteeing a good time on the dancefloor.

4. Subdue

This 2019 release on Sola Records features a chunky drum line laced with weighty bass tones and flickering hi-hats. The charm of this track comes from the female gospel vocal sampled from Kerri Chandler's “Heal My Heart.” This contemporary track is a solid nod to old school house with the signature Iglesias flair.

5. Where?

A unique release on Skream's label Of Unsound Mind, this track has a 1990s rave aesthetic, a wonderful mix of breakbeats with a tinge of electronica. The industrial sound of the record is very different from the quintessential Iglesias grooves, showcasing the depth of his artistry and the innovation in his sound.

6. Rockin' (with Latmun)

“Rockin’” sees Iglesias collaborate with Latmun, his co-creator at Woodlands Studio. It’s the title track from the Rockin' EP, replete with playful percussions and swinging basslines suffused with robust vocals, tribal infusions, and whispers of disco. The high-energy single is a head turner and surefire dance hit that exemplifies the Iglesias style.

7. Frankie's Story (with RSquared)

“Frankie’s Story” is Iglesias' 2020 RSquared collaboration on Sola Records. The track showcases a vibrant mix of elements with multiple layers of captivating synth designs structured as a tech house banger.

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