6 Tracks by Kyle Walker that Everyone Should Know

Nov 16, 2022

Carolina Quijano

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LA-based DJ and producer Kyle Walker is known for his unique approach to house music, his love of turtlenecks, and anything pug related. Easily able to segue from complex melodies to harder-hitting styles, Kyle always seems to be pushing the proverbial envelope.

Kyle has made his music known with releases on big-name labels as well as by playing some of the most in-demand festivals. Yet when he first dabbled in production, house music wasn’t even on his radar. It wasn’t until he heard Disclosure's album Settle that he discovered a newfound love for the genre.

Luckily, Kyle’s early releases didn’t box him into one genre of music, allowing him to blend his grittiness with more melodies to yield what is now known as the Kyle Walker style. What does that sound like, you might ask? Take a listen to the songs below to familiarize yourself with an artist taking the house scene by storm.

1. “Claude VonDeeper”

This is the song that started it all. In 2016, Kyle entered and won Insomniac’s Discovery Project, which earned him a timeslot at EDC Las Vegas. “Claude VonDeeper '' pays homage to Dirtybird’s head honcho with its dirty bass and futuristic tech house sound. What an introduction for Kyle Walker.

2. “Dark Room Perfume”

“Dark Room Perfume” as a whole is perfection. Sampling Kendrick Lamar’s “Poetic Justice,” this song is a G house banger with noticeable rap influences. From the intro to the bass to the drop, each element does its part to tie the whole song together. It’s totally dancefloor ready, so be prepared to get down and dirty with it.

3. “Panic”

In 2018, Kyle released “Panic,” a low-key song off of his Cruel Intentions EP. This time there are no lyrics, yet the song still bumps and has an awesome groove. It almost sounds like a hymn, and if these are the kind of songs that’ll be played in church, then sign us up! Released on Insomniac’s In / Rotation label, “Panic” helped propel Kyle Walker forward by landing bookings at big festivals like Nocturnal Wonderland.

4. “Movement”

“Movement,” released on Steve Aoki’s imprint Dim Mak, was Kyle’s way of honoring what originally made him fall in love with house. Stripping down the vocals and laying them over a pulsating house beat, he really takes it back to where it all started for him.

5. “Midnight Dancer”

In 2021, Kyle released his track “Midnight Dancer” on the London label Another Rhythm. The song is a tropical groove full of soul, and it features tons of horns as well as a banging tech house beat. Adding to the overall vibe are the call and response-style lyrics and extra percussion, which make the track as a whole super infectious and danceable.

6. “Háblame”

“Háblame” sees Kyle continue to explore his more tropical, Latin-infused style. Featuring catchy lyrics, guitar riffs, and the ubiquitous percussion you usually hear in this type of music, “Háblame” is the perfect, high-energy tech house summer song. It’s totally addictive and you won’t be able to stop listening to it.

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