6 Tracks That Show ACRAZE is All The Rave

Nov 18, 2022

Carolina Quijano

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Chances are, by now you’ve heard the name ACRAZE. Though he’d been in the industry for years, the Staten Island native truly hit the mainstream with his mega-viral 2021 hit “Do It To It.” But long before he created a smash house hit, ACRAZE began as a trap and dubstep producer, playing what’s known as Jersey club.

ACRAZE’s earlier music sounds distinctively different from his current releases. Judging by how popular his music has become, though, he’s exactly where he needs to be. Since playing his first house set on NYE 2021, ACRAZE has been a fan favorite and in-demand DJ. His house songs draw inspiration from older music, so they’re full of the sort of nostalgia that is popular right now.

If you’re still not familiar with ACRAZE, we’ve picked some songs that we feel show the upwards trajectory his star is heading.

1. Do It To It

We had to open this list with the song that started it all. Sampling the 2006 Cherish track “Do It to It,” ACRAZE was able to fuse R&B and tech house to create a banger of epic proportions. It has all the makings of a summer hit, with a banging bassline, melodic chorus, and all the nostalgia of the early aughts. He’s clearly broken the mold with this one, as it’s already amassed 550 million streams on Spotify. Not only that, but he’s received incredible support from heavy hitters like DJ Snake, who called it ‘the song of the summer,’ Tiësto, who created his own remix, and Zedd, who made a mashup of “Do It To It” and “Pink Soldiers” by 23.

2. Marco Polo

It’s no secret that ACRAZE draws inspiration from Chris Lake. It’s even more apparent when you listen to “Marco Polo.” A tech house joint that’s full of earth-shattering bass, this track first appeared on Malaa’s Illegal Mixtape Vol.3which highlights trailblazing DJs. “Marco Polo” is one of ACRAZE’s favorite songs to play out—and with all those lasers and futuristic sounds, can you blame him?

3. Funky Town

Some have said that ACRAZE’s remix of “Funky Town” by Lipps, Inc. was a preface to his “Do It To It” cover. This time he’s added heavier tech house bass lines, booming percussion grooves, and a guitar and sax break that is just *chef’s kiss*. All of that coupled with the classic lyrics and violin bring this ‘80s classic into the electronic future.

4. 4 Minutes

As we've mentioned before, ACRAZE had a ton of time during quarantine to experiment with different genres and sounds. During this time, he remixed “4 Minutes,” a Madonna track featuring Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. He delivered a banging summer tune by adding a chunky bassline and tech house percussion, which complement the sample perfectly.

5. Believe ft. Goodboys

This next song is a reflection of ACRAZE’s journey from bass DJ opener to headlining house head. Featuring pulsating basslines, “Believe” has an upbeat and exciting vibe that emphasizes believing in yourself. Paying homage to Fragma’s “Toca’s Miracle,” Goodboys sing the iconic lyrics over ACRAZE’s newly created beat.

6. Unholy Sam Smith ft. Kim Petras (ACRAZE remix)

Since its debut on TikTok, Sam Smith’s song “Unholy” featuring Kim Petras has made history. It’s the first song from openly nonbinary and trans performers to hit #1, and it’s the first #1 for both artists. Banking on the current momentum of the track, ACRAZE comes through with an incredibly fire remix of an already incredible song. Leaning towards future house, “Unholy” is a dancefloor banger that’ll have you getting down.

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