How Tchami’s Confession Label Helped ACRAZE Break into House

Nov 17, 2022

Maria Marcano

3 min read

ACRAZE has been taking the electronic music scene by storm ever since his electrifying, house-driven rendition of Cherish’s “Do It To It” catapulted him into the spotlight. The stellar 2021 cover resonated with music lovers of all calibers upon release and is still sitting on the top charts today. But aside from being recognized for this matchless tune, there’s more to the extraordinary producer than meets the eye.

The ACRAZE project dates back to 2016 when Charlie Duncker finally decided it was time to pursue producing music in full force. Before dominating the scene with his fresh, genre-defying approach to house, ACRAZE focused largely on creating hard-hitting bass music in the studio. Despite his international success deriving from his experimentation with house music, the bass genre continues to hold a special place in his heart throughout his journey as an artist. By deciding to follow his gut and transmit his creative pursuits elsewhere, he’s managed to become a notable breakthrough artist in the game today.

In the midst of his artistic transition, ACRAZE was presented with the most suitable opportunity to finally showcase his inventive house melodies to fans. One of his first-ever house releases arrived by way of Tchami’s renowned Confession imprint, which served as the perfect middle ground for him to successfully intertwine these two seemingly disparate influences. Confession’s discography is renowned for bass house and G house releases, creating a highly-accessible point of entry for bass music lovers to explore house music.

His first track on the label, “Marco Polo,” was featured on Malaa’s Illegal Mixtape Vol. 3 in 2020. It immediately gained massive support from other Confession mainstays and the praise of fans upon release. The bass house heater paved the way for the revolutionary ACRAZE sound and persona fans can’t seem to get enough of nowadays, and it still elicits tremendous reactions when he plays it during his live sets. This standout track was essentially the catalyst that ignited his fame, and it’s a tune he’ll always hold close to his heart.

ACRAZE’s matchless artistic evolution justifies his ability to seize any goal and aspiration to which he sets his mind. Over time, he’s proven his striking ability to curate timeless tracks consisting of a wide array of musical soundscapes bound to move massive crowds. After breaking into house through Tchami’s Confession label a few years back, he’s now a fixture of the scene thanks to his forward-looking productions, and there’s no sign of him slowing his roll anytime soon. A true genre-bending artist in dance music, ACRAZE is here to stay.

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