From Bass Music to House: Understanding ACRAZE’s Creative Range

Nov 11, 2022

Jonah Flint

2 min read

With electronic music more popular than ever, there is a constant influx of incredible new artists and songs. Every day new music is released, and while some songs have longer lifespans than others in the public eye, it is rare for a single track to truly dominate the charts.

Few had heard of the name ACRAZE before 2022. Yet in late 2021, a catchy tech house cover of ‘Do It To It’ by Cherish began to make the rounds. It quickly blew up in a way the electronic world hadn’t seen in years. As every DJ in the world added it to their sets, along with a remix package featuring artists like Tiësto and Subtronics, the dance world began to wonder: “Who is ACRAZE?”

The now international star has handled his newfound fame with grace and truly comes from humble origins. Although he produced the track in 2021, his journey began long before then.

Born in Staten Island, ACRAZE began producing music in 2017, initially putting out heavy trap music with a debut single titled "Pull Up." ACRAZE spoke openly about his creative process in Gray Area’s Spotlight interview, noting that he often has to switch genres just to stay fresh and keep his mind working.

After spending a year or so producing hard-hitting trap and bass music, ACRAZE felt the draw towards house and was able to land a single titled “Marco Polo” on Tchami’s Confession label. The label was a perfect crossover point for ACRAZE, often releasing more bass-heavy house music. After finding some success in this style, ACRAZE treated the pandemic as a time to hone his production skills, working to make and release consistent music.

“Do It To It” put him on the map in a way no one could have expected, and the young producer is just getting started. His evolution and growth surely make him one to watch.

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