A Look at Scenarios, Emanuel Satie’s New Label and Collective

Mar 24, 2023

Austin Miller

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They say two heads are better than one. But what about four? If you ask Emanuel Satie, Maga, Sean Doran, and Tim Engelhart, they might tell you four is the magic number. Individually, each of these artists has achieved success in various contexts. Together, they’ve formed the all-encompassing artist collective, label, and events brand, Scenarios. From events to premieres, these four are involved in the many aspects of dance music.

But why would four artists with established careers decide to join forces, essentially diverting energy and focus from their individual successes? Would that not slow down the progress they had worked so hard to accumulate? Many people believe that pouring everything into your career is the only way to reach your potential, but others believe the road to the top is quicker when we help each other up. Scenarios, is a case for the latter.

The group had been friends and fans of each other’s music for years before their alignment. Maga and Sean Doron were the first to surface the idea of a collective. As Satie remembers it, the conversation began quite organically.

“We all feel that so much more can be achieved when we work together, we’re all believers in teamwork and so it was not a big step to start talking about a collective,” he admits.

Each artist had a different skill set, experiences, and sounds. While too many cooks in the kitchen can sometimes lead to an aimless product, they share that that hardly seems to be the case:

“Together, these influences are in flux and create some special sounds that drive a vibe that hits every listener a different way… We put our egos aside and strive to produce the best music possible. We were all surprised at how effortlessly and naturally our music comes about. We are all on the same page.”

That shedding of ego is the key to the group’s success. While creative differences emerge, they take them as opportunities to learn from one another rather than personal affronts. The result? Success that’s outpaced even the boldest expectations—in just one year, the collective has released eight acclaimed tracks and held events in Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, and Lisbon, with sights next set on London, New York, Costa Rica, Tokyo, Bali, and many more.

“We have achieved so much more as a collective than we could have as individuals, in fact we have achieved much more than we could have imagined beforehand,” the group shares. “This is what Scenarios is all about, it’s about sharing, supporting each other and friendship. Scenarios is about creating something bigger than the individual, a true collective.”

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