Get to Know Emanuel Satie in 5 Tracks

Mar 17, 2023

Austin Miller

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An Emanuel Satie set is more than a collection of his favorite tracks at the moment. It is a journey through the depths of feeling and sound. The Emanuel Satie sound can inspire effortless hypnosis, invigorate the senses, and explore the farthest reaches of the mind and globe. 2016 saw the German DJ and producer launch into prominence with a Beatport #1 and #2 and the DJ Award win for Producer of the Year.

Since then, Emanuel has consistently released on esteemed labels like Crosstown Rebels, Defected, Cocoon Recordings, and in 2022 co-founded his own brand, Scenarios, with fellow artists Maga, Yulia Niko, Tim Engelhardt, and Sean Doron.

Seemingly aligned on all career fronts, he’s been unshakable in recent years. This unwavering path plays out in the music he creates. Organic elements mingle with trance-inducing rhythms providing a genre-blurring experience, felt as much as heard. While his library is extensive, we’ve selected five tracks that give a taste of the Emanuel Satie experience.

1. Emanuel Satie - Don’t Forget To Go Home

The 2018 Ibiza season would have been incomplete without “Don’t Forget To Go Home.” The track, filled with feather-light keys and infectious drums, proved to be quite the summer anthem getting a thorough rinse treatment from heavy hitters like Sven Väth, Pete Tong, and DJ Koze. It even featured legendary fusion drummer, Billy Cobham. No wonder those rhythms are so tight.

2. Emanuel Satie - Planet XXX

Satie’s debut track on Cocoon Recordings is one of his best, leading to his official signing to the Cocoon Agency. This offering put Emanuel’s nuance for build and layering on full display, again earning heavy DJ support throughout the summer of 2019 and proving that the name, Emanuel Satie, was here to stay.

3. Emanuel Satie, Pete Tong - Time For Love

Satie has been open about his affinity for collaboration. He once mentioned in an interview, “I think collaboration is extremely important. We have this notion in electronic music that everything has to be done by one person, if you look at similar genres of music like hip hop, that’s not the case, they only care about the end product and find the best person for each task.” Here, we see Satie team up with Pete Tong on a mesmerizing house hit that genuinely brings out the best of both artists.

4. Emanuel Satie - Your Body

When your library contains over 370 tracks and remixes, the variety of sounds is bound to be substantial. This roller stands out as one of Satie’s heavier works with a stomp-inducing kit and a hint of acidic tech house to make it pop. This track jumpstarted Emanuel’s push into the public eye and landed as one of Defected’s most-rated tracks.

5. Emanuel Satie, Maga - Flores

Our final taste of the Satie sampler shows what over a decade of sonic exploration can create. An active wielder of dance music’s more spell-binding elements, Emanuel explores the power of percussive melodies in this single with Scenarios co-founder, Maga. A pattering synth tethers listeners to a rhythmic reality amongst tonal meditation, and mighty chords trade focus with gathering drums. People sometimes forget the sound design and strategic layering that can go into dance music, but Emanuel Satie is more than happy to remind us.

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