An Airplane Engine Explosion Made Biscits Devote Himself to Music Full Time

Nov 23, 2022

Jonah Flint

3 min read

Sometimes it takes a near-death experience for someone to wake up and decide to live their life to the fullest. Luke Jones aka Biscits got his start producing dubstep and trap before eventually pivoting to tech house. That being said, after finding success in the world of bass music he took a step back and ultimately took a few years off before diving back into the house scene. He wasn’t sure he was ready to commit to music full time until a near-fatal day on an airplane in the States, though.

“After university, I had three to four years where I didn’t make music at all,” Luke said in his Gray Area Spotlight interview. “I just had a job in an office. We went to Vegas for a bachelor party for my friend. On the way home, as the plane was taking off the engine exploded.”

“I can laugh now but at the time it was crazy scary,” Luke said. “The whole thing was on fire; we had to evacuate. After that, I was feeling off for a few weeks and knew I had to evaluate what I was doing. I loved music and hated my job. When I started doing music again, the bass house sound was popping up and was pretty new. I thought what Jauz and Night Bass were doing was amazing, and with my dub background it just made sense.”

After he started meshing these familiar sounds, Luke’s music began to evolve. His exposure to house music in the UK eventually pushed him to leave bass music in favor of big room tech house. It was not always easy, with tough UK crowds demanding the very best selection from DJs.

“I’m sort of the fence on the scene here,” Luke says. “I love big bangers and over-the-top drops as well as the deep and quirky music. I have to be careful what I play in certain clubs. To a degree, it’s exciting to come to the US because of this because you can just go hard and heavy. The crowd wants an impact.”

Luke’s sound has found tremendous success in the States, and each release seems to grow his profile even larger. It’s only a matter of time before he headlines his own shows, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for the rising UK talent.

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