From Dubstep to Tech House: How Biscits Fell in Love with Dance Music

Nov 23, 2022

Jonah Flint

3 min read

Everyone has their own discovery story when it comes to electronic music. Biscits aka Luke Jones fell into the world of dance music through his friends. Like many, he was listening to Daft Punk, Justice, and anything similar that he could find.

He and some friends decided to throw a party. It was a small gathering, but one thing led to another and Luke knew he wanted to be a DJ. Although we now know him for high-energy tech house, he got his start producing dubstep and trap music. He even made a legitimate career out of it for a few years.

“We put on our own gig in the student union,” Luke said during Gray Area’s Spotlight interview. “We just had a tiny mixer. Complete shambles, we had no idea what we were doing but it was a good time just playing loud music to no one—just our friends.”

Luke went on: “We all got into dubstep when that kicked off, as well as trap music. I did okay under a different name making that kind of music. My first proper gig doing that was actually in Russia. I can’t believe that even happened. I wasn’t a good DJ. I just flew to Russia by myself and was just hoping someone was there. It was pretty stressful but it ended up being a great gig.”

Luke found success in the world of dubstep, but he wasn’t sure that he wanted to continue with the genre. Although he was actively touring in a way he couldn’t have imagined, the music did not speak to him. He was always aware of, and interested in house music. It wasn’t until a special night out in his hometown that the flip switched internally, though, and he knew what he wanted to pursue.

“It was going out clubbing in Southampton that turned me,” Luke said. “I went to a Solardo night at the club Switch in Southampton. Seeing the crowd and the way they reacted, I felt like I finally understood what tech house was about. It inspired me to go deeper and more housey. I quit my job and moved in with my brother, sleeping on his sofa. I had some money saved up and knew that I just had to try and go for it.”

It turned out that a year was all he needed. Luke quickly found success with his unique brand of tech house and has since become one of the hottest names in the genre.

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