How Biscits Turned the Tragedy of the Pandemic Into an Opportunity for Growth

Nov 23, 2022

Jonah Flint

2 min read

For Luke Jones aka Biscits, the global pandemic shutdown presented an opportunity to hone in on the sounds and styles of house music about which he is passionate. Although many artists had a hard time creating music without the inspiration of nightlife or the opportunity to road test songs at shows, Luke found this time to be refreshing.

“A lot of artists were worried about releasing,” Luke said during his Gray Area Spotlight interview. “For me, all I was doing was making music. I couldn’t not put music out. I knew people were still listening to music; maybe certain sounds in tech house are suited to club times, but there are other sounds and styles you can release that people will want.”

“I was waking up every day and just making music,” he continued. “You have to be in people’s faces reminding them that you exist all the time. For me, releasing music is the best way to do that. You have to be consistent with it.”

As an artist who got his start in the mid 2010s, Luke began to see true momentum behind his career in 2018. Managing to stay consistent with well-received releases during this time frame, Luke saw his profile rise.

When the pandemic hit, stopping music was simply not an option. He knew that the only way to stay relevant as an artist who was just getting his name out there meant that he had to stay on the forefront of people's minds. The only way to do this without shows was to constantly release music.

Not only did Luke take this chance, but he also found it largely positive for his growth as a producer. The time period forced him to avoid creating repetitive music and focus on experimentation.

“I know that in tech house you can’t be one dimensional,” Luke said. “Having the opportunity to try out other sounds during the pandemic helped me a lot and subsequently gave me the catalog for a label like Ultra Records to see that I can make more vocal tracks.”

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