Femme House: Creating Equity in Dance Music

Oct 25, 2022

Melisa Yuriar

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LP Giobbi’s advocacy work is as analogous to her brand as piano house. Her music often features feminist singers and lyrics that promote inclusivity and empowerment. After years of ardently advocating for more female and non-binary representation in the music industry, she launched FEMME HOUSE with artist Hermixalot in 2019.

Hermixalot and LP had been friends and production collaborators for over a decade. However, while they saw success, they couldn’t get over how many of their talented female and non-binary peers were overlooked or left unconsidered for opportunities in the music industry.

FEMME HOUSE is an expansive educational platform established to address the glaring lack of equity and representation in electronic music. According to the organization’s 2021 Impact Report, only about 2.5% of producers and studio engineers are non-male. Since its founding, the organization has worked to empower female and non-binary artists, producers, DJs, and engineers, to increase their technical skills in all areas of music production.

“I oftentimes think, ‘Okay, having more female producers. Is that going to change the world?’" LP told Gray Area. "And maybe that in of itself isn't, but what it does is it makes you see yourself in a role you didn't think you could be in before. It changes your general concept of yourself.”

The successful industry-leading organization has garnered partnerships and sponsors from brands like Moog, Dolby, Roland, Ableton, and Native Instruments. FEMME HOUSE’s programming—which includes professional development workshops, networking, and mentorship events—is widely popular with rising and established producers, DJs, and engineers.

Femme House founders LP Giobbi and Hermixalot

The platform delivers educational courses, scholarships, and programming that cultivate opportunities and professional development for female and non-binary individuals to elevate their careers.

LP’s critically-acclaimed FEMME HOUSE brand has become highly regarded in recent years for introducing inclusive initiatives and unabashedly demanding the industry address the unbalanced power dynamics and lack of equity and inclusion in all tiers of the industry.

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