Get to Know Westend in 5 Tracks

Mar 28, 2023

Carolina Quijano

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New Yorker Westend burst onto the tech house scene in 2018, bringing in a new era of producers keen on changing the musical landscape of house and techno. His unique take on the music is a breath of fresh air and a driving force in his popularity.

Since his debut, each year that passes is a ‘career-defining' one. 2018 introduced him to the world, while the following years have only shown Westend making boss moves and continuing his upward trajectory. He makes the most of everything that comes his way, showcasing his versatility and passion in anything he does.

The pandemic really offered Westend the time to hone his craft and share his musical knowledge with the masses. He started Kick & Bass, a community of producers with whom he shares his years of production knowledge. He also contemplated how he could further expand his sonic palate. “If you’re playing basketball and you’re just shooting three-pointers all the time, yeah, there are players like that that serve like one role. But that’s not who I want to be. I want to be able to make music that you want to listen to on a road trip, and that you want to listen to in a club,” he told Gray Area in an interview.

To know Westend, is to know his music. And we’re taking you on a historical journey of who the man behind the Westend moniker is. From his smash debut to his most current offerings, these five tracks offer insight into one who’s made a massive impact on the current tech house climate.

1. Spencer Brown - Taking My Time (Westend Remix)

First is his remix of Spencer Brown’s “Taking My Time.” Westend remade an already ethereal uplifting song even more so. The manipulation of the original, the little Westend touches, and the catchy vocals are the ideal combination and the perfect intro to his sound. Also, fun fact: Spencer Brown was Westend’s dorm mate at Duke University.

2. Westend, John Summit - Detonate

This track is how Westend and John Summit got signed to Dirtybird Records. The aptly named “Detonate” goes off hard, proving that Westend has an arsenal of bangers. Released as part of Dirtybird BBQ: Get Roasted, “Detonate” combines the best of both Westend and John Summit, resulting in an infectious club banger that’ll have booties shaking. This is a match made in tech house heaven.

3. Westend - Clubble

Now here is a track that makes a statement. To me, “Clubble” is peak Westend. He expertly combines eccentricity, big basslines, and the right touch of nostalgia while keeping things fun and energetic.

4. Westend, HUGEL - Aguila (feat Cumbiafrica)

A dance floor annihilator, “Aguila” is Westend and Hugel’s tech house offering dripping in Latin flair. Emotional and bright, this song brings a smile to your face and a beat to your feet. Once you listen, you’ll understand why it’s his second most streamed track on Spotify.

5. CID, Westend - Let Me Take You

Collabs seem to be working for Westend, and here we have another. He’s worked with fellow New Yorker CID a few times, but this is a standout. Their track, “Let Me Take You,” samples Inner City’s “Good Life” and earned Westend his first #1 on the Beatport tech house chart. This song solidified what most of us already know: Westend knows his ish when it comes to tech house.

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