How De La Swing Translated the Hedonism of elrow's Events into the Sound of elrow Records

Sep 9, 2022

Jonah Flint

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Over the years, the elrow brand has made a name for itself as the world's most colorful and entertaining party brands. Elrow has found success through its model of maintaining a family-run organization that bases its events around capturing the absurdity of partying. Known for incredible tech house and techno, a cavalcade of costumed performers, immersive themes, and more confetti than one can imagine the brand has expanded from its home in Spain to an international event brand, and so too has its vision. So it only makes sense that the brand expanded into the record business with the founding of elrow music in 2012.

To champion a label, they had to ensure that its leader was someone with intimate knowledge of the ethos of elrow. There is no better choice than Spanish legend and elrow resident De La Swing.

De la Swing at elrow ARC Music Festival Chicago

When the label was created in 2012, the main objective was simply to release music from the brand's residents. After a slow start, De La Swing dedicated himself to the task of organizing the label. He quickly helped the team get signed up to digital streaming platforms, connect with distributors, and create unique art that spoke to the brand.

After a year, De La Swing volunteered to manage the label full-time. He created the marketing plan that helps translate elrow's vibrant atmosphere. Understanding the musical and artistic direction is essential, and De La Swing's intimate understanding of the business helped ceate a unique identity for the label.

After a few years, elrow music finally began to break through in the DJ community. Max Chapman's 2016 single, "Body Jack," was the #1 track in the Beatport tech house charts. After the breakthrough success, elrow music began receiving demos from top-level DJs worldwide.

Later that year, Camelphat sent demos that helped elrow music go from indie label darling to a true powerhouse in the eyes of the electronic world.

As with any label, the biggest challenge is staying relevant. As the head of elrow music for almost nine years, De La Swing has witnessed wave after wave of change within the genres that elrow music represents. He has spoken on these observations, noting that recent years have seen greater house music influences, with disco and higher BPMs returning. Additionally, techno has become increasingly popular, with tech house artists adopting its distorted acid sounds. Minimal and deep tech have made massive inroads into the scene, with artists like Michael Bibi and Pawsa leading the charge. For elrow music, the key has been balancing these trends with the themes of the label. Finding tracks that maintain the underground tech house sound but also have elrow's signature sounds of groove, joy, and energy.

De La Swing & Jean Pierre at Quantum Brooklyn

In 2019, elrow music announced a sub-label, elrow Limited. The label focuses exclusively on deeper, more minimal sounds. In creating a sub-label, elrow music is making a statement of longevity and relevance. The brand is as strong as ever, and De La Swing is a true champion of its musical curation.

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