How Mat Zo Helped Luttrell Become an Anjunabeats Staple

Feb 16, 2023

Staley Sharples

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Cited as one of Anjunadeep’s leading artists, Luttrell’s name is synonymous with the lush, emotional output of the highly-respected label. His previous projects with Anjuna include over a dozen releases with the label, founded by beloved dance trio Above & Beyond. Luttrell’s path to releasing with Anjunadeep was not linear. Interestingly, an unlikely ally aided the connection.

Luttrell initially got his foot in the door with the legacy label through the help of another luminary producer, Mat Zo. In 2017 Zo released Glare, the final album from his previous band, The M Machine, on his Mad Zoo imprint. “We were at his house in LA doing the final edits, little changes on the album, just hanging out and showing each other things we were working on the side. I showed him, ‘Need You,’ ‘Stormwatcher,’ and a couple of other songs.” Zo reacted enthusiastically, suggesting that Luttrell pass along his melodic, indie-leaning house tracks to Above & Beyond. “He told me I should send them to Anjunadeep because they’d probably be into it. He sent it to them and they were onboard for an EP.”

At the time, Luttrell had no idea what an impact Anjunadeep would have on his career trajectory. Having not yet left The M Machine project, the producer slowly dipped his toe into the well of community and love Anjunadeep has to offer.

“Honestly, I didn’t know what I was getting into. I didn’t think that was going to be the next chapter of my life and career.”

He first saw the opportunity as a chance to put out more of his personal music, productions which stemmed from a life-changing set at Burning Man two years prior in 2015. However, Luttrell built a rapport with Anjunadeep that has led to a fruitful partnership.

“The further I got working with them, putting music out with them, getting invited to do shows, opening tours—it was great. I loved playing for the Anjunadeep crowd, I was super happy and it just kind of kept going.”

He’s since become one of Anjuna’s most celebrated artists with three albums, countless singles, and EPs, and is a staple of their Group Therapy events worldwide.

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