Luttrell's 'Music For My Memories' is an Ode to His Hometown San Francisco

Feb 16, 2023

Staley Sharples

2 min read

When creating his album Music For My Memories, enigmatic producer Eric Luttrell found that inspiration could come from the simplicity of appreciating your surroundings. Raised in Redwood City, California, Luttrell chose to make the short leap up the peninsula to San Francisco in 2008 to better suit his commute to Pyramind music production school in the SoMa district of the city by the bay. Luttrell adopted San Francisco as his home, absorbing the beauty the thriving beacon of culture offered him. He felt this reverence for the city even more deeply during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While initially writing Music For My Memories in 2020, Luttrell balanced the emotion of the music with a daily walk to take in his surroundings.

“Going out to Alamo Square Park and listening to what I had been working on that day was a routine of mine. It was super peaceful and calming. The fog would be rolling in over the hills and create these really epic sunsets. Orange, pink, and all hazy. It definitely looked like something out of a dream.”

Penning music that held warm familiarity balanced with moody textures came easily to Luttrell as he infused his songwriting with the experiences that had filled his pre-pandemic routine.

Missing live music and the swath of house and techno shows San Francisco has to offer, Luttrell wrote Music For My Memories as an ode to those fleeting nights that brought him so much joy. His walks around SF provided solace for the artist, who would stroll through oak groves on the winding trails of Buena Vista Park or watch the sunset in Alamo Square. This practice, he explains, was how he could “quality control my work,” taking it out into the world for a test drive. With the final chapter of Music For My Memories Part III releasing in summer 2021, Luttrell can always remember the process of creating his unofficial love letter to San Francisco.

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