HOZHO's Melodark Milestones: DJ Mix 03 and Honey Trap

Jul 10, 2024

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Portuguese DJ and producer HOZHO has reached a significant milestone with his DJ Mix 03 (Live @ Jardins Efémeros, Viseu), amassing over 10 million views on YouTube. This achievement highlights the global appeal of his unique melodark style, which blends serene melodies with somber synths and basslines, all set against the backdrop of minimal techno beats.

In the description of this popular mix, HOZHO reflects on his purpose and passion for music: "Is it worth living a life without leaving our mark on Earth? Without making any difference? I don't believe that! That's why I make music, because through music I can express my feelings and tell my story through a unique way called melodark Minimal. I can express my light and my darkness. I'm the Yin Yang of my own life."

Recorded at the Jardins Efémeros festival in Viseu, Portugal, DJ Mix 03 portrays HOZHO's ability to connect with audiences through his music. The set features a mix of new tracks and familiar favorites, showcasing his range and depth as an artist. HOZHO also extends his gratitude to those who helped make the event possible, including Ramon Oliveira, Tryangle, João Pereira, and his dedicated fans.

HOZHO's melodark genre has resonated deeply with listeners around the world, offering a unique auditory experience that combines emotional depth with intricate soundscapes. This mix not only reflects his personal journey but also invites listeners to embark on their own introspective ride.

Adding to his impressive YouTube presence, HOZHO's track "Honey Trap" has garnered 14 million views since its release two years ago. Describing the track, HOZHO states: "One track. Two different vibes. The symbiotic contrast between the beautiful melodies and the darkness surrounding the synths and basslines. Mesmerizing vocals. Countless sensations. This is what defines my brand new single Honey Trap. With this track, my goal is to reinforce my artistic identity, in an attempt to enter another orbit of creativity and to break the rules that existed before, in order to elevate even more the melodark – that many of you already know as my musical style."

"Honey Trap" exemplifies HOZHO's ability to blend contrasting elements into a cohesive and enthralling musical narrative. If you haven't yet experienced HOZHO's DJ Mix 03 or "Honey Trap," now is the perfect time to dive in and understand why these tracks have captured the hearts of so many. Check it out and join the millions who have already embarked on this melodark journey.

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