Gray Area Guide to San Antonio, Ibiza

Feb 28, 2023

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Its streets are paved with glittering doorways ready to beckon you in, San Antonio is one of the island’s top pre-clubbing destinations. The west end of San Antonio has long been the starting ground for most nights out, whether you hit a club down the road or take a taxi further afield. Likewise with the sunset promenade, that comes with a slightly heftier price tag but a golden hour that's unlike any other.

Although known for its nightlife, the quaint town is also a beautiful place to explore throughout the day. Filled with bustling open terraced cafes, clothes and souvenir shops and craft market at the palm fringed main square, it's a beautiful place to spend the day.

Why not explore the streets and take in the huge graffiti that adorn the local buildings or chill out at the humming harbour with a homemade ice cream in hand.


Found on the south-west coast of Ibiza, San Antonio has a huge stretch of coastline that is filled with beaches and coves to indulge in. Its location also makes it prime viewing for the iconic and unmissable sunsets, that draw crowds in the masses each night in peak summer.

With bus links regularly into Ibiza Town, as well as other towns across the island, and a central taxi rank, it's a great location to consider as your base during your stay on the island. If you like being amongst the hustle and bustle, San An is the place for you.

For clubbers, the nightly Disco Bus service that runs to every club on the island will make those escapades a little less harsh on your wallet.


Your dinero will of course decide the finer detail of your destination but with a wide variety of accommodations throughout the area, San Antonio has a bed to suit every budget.

The great thing about the town's compact nature is that regardless of where you choose to stay, you’ll never be more than a short walk from restaurants, clubs, the beach, or port area.

If you’re considering splashing a little cash then OKU is a luxury spot to treat yourself, with enchanting Cala Gracio beach just on your doorstep.

OKU Hotel - San Antonio, Ibiza

If an instagrammable trip is top of your list, then Wi-Ki-Woo Ibiza and their super-sweet styled hotel could be the perfect spot for you.

For a basic but perfectly pleasant stay, that won’t break the bank - and just two minutes from the action - then the Vibra Marco Polo twin hotels are ideal.

Bars and Restaraunts

Es Nautic Restaurante - San Antonio, Ibiza

Healthy starts to hangover fuelled feasts, local tapas, and high-class cuisine are all available throughout the streets of San Antonio.

The increased demand from the health-conscious gym regular means the day can begin well nourished, our favorites being Kick Ibiza and The Skinny Kitchen.

Tapas are of course well catered for, and there are plenty of tasty options. Es Verro, nestled just by the church is famously fantastic while the aptly named Tapas Ibiza has a huge following that returns year after year.

For those sophisticated affairs and a little fine dining, we recommend Villa Mercedes. With views out across the harbor, they offer a standout menu to match.


Café Mambo - San Antonio, Ibiza

Never short of options, your night out can actually start well before sunset, with obvious choices like Ibiza Rocks and O Beach Ibiza competing for the pool party queen title. With their party-popping afternoon shenanigans, the night can be well on its way before dark.

Sunset viewing is well-catered for along the dedicated sunset promenade. Take your pick from Golden Buddha, Mint Lounge, Café Mambo, Savannah, and more. All these beautiful spots offer enough cocktails and tunes to get the night flowing in the right way.

As we alluded to earlier, the West End of San Antonio has been a staple for hungry party people over the years. Now a long strip of bars offering music, shots, and the opportunity to make holiday friends that will last a lifetime. Yes, there have been changes and upgrades but the spirit remains, along with the authentic "let’s have it" attitude.

The Ship is always a great, local hangout to hit before pinballing your way down. You’ll be enticed by many, but our guilty pleasures will always be Shenanigans and Soul City. Hangovers await, you’ve been warned.


Defected @ Eden - Ibiza

You really can’t get much better than having two Ibiza club calling cards just a moment's walk from the San Antonio Town action. Both Eden and Es Paradis are famed and well-established in their nightly offerings, with a diverse schedule that expands each year.

Offering its own take on clubbing, Es Paradis captivates with its stylish light, bright glass-roofed interior. Eden however, keeps it simple and authentic, with dark walls and a large dancefloor that encourage full-blown foot-stompin' dedication.

Weekly wins for Es Paradis are their unmissable and unbreakable Fiesta del agua and Eden every Friday for Defected, a night that just gets bigger and better.


The great thing about San Antonio is its beachside location, ideal for every sun-drenched or water-soaked activity you could imagine. From the wooden huts that line the port area, you’ll find a variety of experiences, depending on your stomach and sea legs.

A worthy mention is Ibiza veteran Captain Nemo, where you can see the stunning Es Vedra up close. If you still have some party left in you then the Pukka Up party boat is a day trip you’ll remember forever.

Beaches are plentiful, with the huge and sandy S'Arenal beach being a popular place to relax. If you head along the promenade towards San Antonio Bay, either by foot or bus, you can really take your pick. Reggae Beach and Port des Torrent are two treasured coves that are always on our list.

If you’re happy to go further afield then grab one of the regular boats from the huts to Cala Bassa, Cala Tarida, or Cala Conta. The final destination is well worth the glorious boat ride that takes you there.

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