Joshwa's Advice to Artists: "Don't Be Afraid to Be Different"

Dec 15, 2022

Gabrielle Reeder

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London-based DJ and house music producer Joshwa's diverse catalog pays homage to bygone eras of music. He's pulled inspiration from the late 90s disco house movement with his rolling tech house remix of Madison Avenue's "Don't Call Me Baby," and G-funk era hip hop with his Snoop Dogg-inspired "Party's Jumpin." His devotion to hip-hop and R&B inclusion in his discography stems from a lifelong appreciation for those genres.

"I have always loved Rap and R&B and grew up listening to this genre which is why you hear a lot of influence from them in my catalog," Joshwa tells Gray Area. "House music and R&B/Rap work well on the dance floor together and often create a sense of nostalgia for party-goers which gets great reactions."

Joshwa's ambition for blending disparate genres serves as advice for newer artists or those yet to unearth their sound. Before embarking on a music career, Joshwa spent countless hours learning the craft and sampling various sounds and vocal snippets.

"Spend the time developing your own sound and branding so people can familiarize themselves with your sound. It's easy to copy what's popular, but in the long term, you'll see better results if you have your own unique touch to your records," Joshwa shared. "Don't be afraid to be different."

Joshwa notes versatility as another critical factor in his ever-evolving career. Exploration and discovery have guided his free-wheeling approach to creation.

"I don't sit down and think, 'I'm going to make a piano house track today' or 'today's a tech house roller kinda day' because I find this stifles creativity. I always try to write what I feel at that moment, and I think that's why I have a variety of music in my catalog. I think it's fun to show versatility and also means my sets never sound the same the whole way through when I play live."

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