Joshwa: From Juggling Soccer Balls to Juggling Beats

Aug 8, 2023

Carolina Quijano

2 min read

Before becoming the DJ, we all know and love, Joshwa aspired to be a professional soccer player. He even auditioned around the UK for teams such as Chelsea and Brighton before being scouted for a spot on a Chilean Primera B soccer team, Deportes Concepción.

That's how, on the brink of adulthood, Joshwa, né Josh Dickens, uprooted his life and moved to South America to pursue his dream of playing soccer professionally.

Navigating newfound freedom, a new culture, and a new country, Joshwa found solace in his old passions: music and DJing. These were never far from his mind, lingering in the background, waiting for the moment when Joshwa would realize what he had always subconsciously known: that DJing, not soccer, was his calling.

Gradually, soccer began to take a back seat to his music, and he found himself wanting to practice DJing more than soccer. But how could he admit that the most significant decision of his life, the one that had taken him thousands of miles from the home he had always known, might have been misguided? To some, this move might seem like a waste, but for Joshwa, it provided the clarity he needed.

It breathed life into his music, making it impossible for Joshwa to ignore the inevitable. Once he accepted this truth, everything began falling into place. His effortless productions and fresh take on tech house have cemented his position in the music world, and he's only just getting started.

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