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Riding the Sound Waves: A Candid Q&A with Max Styler

Jul 2, 2023

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Max Styler, the rising star in house music, has navigated a fascinating journey since his first signing at the tender age of 18. His sound has metamorphosed over the years, now striking a compelling balance between darkness and dynamism. As he readies to enchant his fans with a blend of trance and his signature style, Styler also teases a mellow project slated for year-end.

He draws inspiration from a spectrum of artists, hinting at potential dream collaborations that could shake up the music scene. His sage advice to emerging artists resonates with his own story, centered on perseverance and tenacity. Off-stage, Styler seeks adrenaline in dirt biking and treasures peaceful moments at home. Poised at the cusp of new releases and adventures, Styler continues to shape the house music scene with his distinct, evolving sound.

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How do you feel your music has evolved since your first signing at 18 years old?

I’ve gone through many phases of styles. Up until only a few years ago, I feel like I was just making music because I love music in general, but now that I’ve discovered my darker sound there’s a new fire and love that’s sparked for me in my writing process.

Are there any upcoming collaborations or projects we should look forward to?

My next single I am very proud of. It’s bringing some old-school trance mixed with my darker sound. It’ll be out on the Insomniac's label in August and has been going off in all my sets. Also, I'm starting a deeper more chilled-out project that will be launching at the end of the year and I’ll leave it at that.

Is there an artist or producer you dream of collaborating with?

Good question, there are so many incredible artists now at days. I’ve always loved alternative music and maybe one of my dreams collabs if I had to pick one would be Gorillaz. Also, LCD Soundsystem because I mean, c’mon.

Do you have a pre-show ritual or routine? If so, what is it?

I take a shot of tequila and FaceTime my dog Piggy.

What advice would you give to young producers who are trying to make their mark as aspiring artists?

I’ve told this to many people, but I think the most common denominator when it comes to success as an artist or DJ is just plain persistence. Work harder and never give up. You will have your break when the time is right for you.

What is the most memorable moment you have shared with a fan?

Someone gave me a Wanna Dance bracelet recently that I wear everywhere. That felt special.

Outside of music, what are some of your interests or hobbies?

I love riding dirt bikes, and spending time with my fiancé, and dog at home when I have spare time. Maddie is an insanely good cook and we both enjoy our downtime with how fast-paced this DJ lifestyle is.

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