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Sharing the Unheard: Max Styler's Journey Through House

Jul 2, 2023

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California's Max Styler has made his mark in the house music scene, transforming from a young guitarist to an international performer. His shows focused on introducing audiences to fresh music, an experience he finds truly rewarding. Styler's memorable performances include his debut in 2014, opening for Above and Beyond to a crowd of 6,000. Highlights from his recent North American tour included fans singing along to his tracks, a moment he cherishes deeply.

As he prepares for his summer 2023 tour, Styler promises a trove of new music, honed by countless hours in the studio. Keep an ear out for his secret weapons, the upcoming tracks from Walker & Royce, and a new Omnom and Odd Mob record. Max Styler continues to be a rising star in house music, always eager to share the next unheard sound.

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What do you hope the audience takes away from each of your shows?

I want to leave the audience feeling like they heard as much new music as possible. In my mind, you can play what you want to hear but I find true love and passion in playing music that gets a response from people that they have never heard before.

Which show or festival has been your favorite or most memorable performance? Why?

Honesty, I must still say the first show I did. It was 2014 and I was scared shitless of going up on stage, but that moment was incredible and infectious for me. I opened for Above and Beyond on a beach in my hometown in front of 6,000 people. It was very special.

What were the highlights of your North American tour?

There have been many but seeing people sing the lyrics to my songs has been incredible and I’m still honestly not used to it.

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What should fans expect from your summer 2023 tour?

Expect to hear a lot of new music from me. I’ve been putting in so much time in the studio any spare time I get when I’m home.

Which track do you use during your sets as a secret weapon?

There has been a new Walker & Royce tune called “Stop Time” that comes out soon. That one has been massive for the past few months in my sets. Also, a new Omnom and Odd Mob record that’s probably coming out later this year. Absolute weapon!

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