The Art of the Rebellion: Inside the Minds of Township Rebellion

Aug 1, 2023

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Michela Iosipov

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Township Rebellion, the enigmatic German techno duo, continues to captivate audiences with their unique blend of icy and haunting dance music. This special interview delves into the creative minds behind the pioneering sounds of melodic techno, exploring the unexpected challenges of breaking into the music industry, the delicate balance of innovation and signature style, and the profound connection they create with their listeners.

Their insightful reflection on travel demands, personal growth, and the importance of community offer a glimpse into the philosophy that guides them. From discussing their adventurous spirit in music creation to sharing intimate thoughts on their music's impact on individual listeners, Township Rebellion reveal the essence of their artistic journey and provide inspiring advice to aspiring producers. Their thoughtful responses illuminate not just the technical aspects of their craft but the soulful intention that resonates with fans across the globe.

What was the most unexpected challenge you faced when breaking into the music industry?

There is always something new to learn. The most impactful probably was the amount of travel required to tour that much. It's something that comes from a very privileged and fortunate position, but it’s still very demanding non the less. You must be able to deal with almost no sleep sometimes or being on the road for almost 24 hours to play a two-hour set. Then just always being away from your family and friends over the weekend, etc. All of this can be quite unhealthy. We think it’s important to be aware of physical and mental health and take good care of yourself.

How do you try new things with your music while keeping your unique style?

There is the technical part to all of this, and of course, we try new tools and instruments, etc. But in general, we try to just create things we personally like. Music is like food, it’s awesome when you find stuff that you really love. But you should always have an open mind and explore new things as well. The world has so much to offer & explore. But the key is also patience and trusting your instinct, do your thing, not what’s the loudest and most popular at the moment.

What are the main messages or feelings you aim to convey through your music?

That’s a difficult question. What if it’s not about what we feel? But about the feelings everyone gets when listening to it? We have this quote in our biography for years now that music is made to be claimed by listeners as their own. We truly believe that. And dance music is especially good for that. While this is a culture and scene in itself, it also generally provides some sort of escapism to listeners to get lost in the moment and stop worrying about the world for a second.

If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring producers, what would it be?

Less talk, more doing. Get people around you that you can trust and push you to be a better person. As with most things in life, doing things all alone will be very difficult. Like-minded people who share your passion! In the end, we are also just a group of friends trying to do their thing, but we are very sure we wouldn’t have reached all the things we were able to experience so far if we would have tried doing this alone.

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