How RÜFÜS DU SOL Helped Put Township Rebellion on the Map

Jul 10, 2023

John Cameron

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Arthur Wagner and Marlon Mürle formed Township Rebellion in 2012. The years that followed saw their cinematic style of progressive house and techno land on labels like Stil Vor Talent, Selador, and Katermukke. It was 2020, however, that marked perhaps the biggest turning point for the duo.

First, a little background: Wagner and Mürle had performed together on The Fluffy Cloud structure at Burning Man. Little did they know that RÜFÜS DU SOL were in attendance. Delighted by what they heard, the trio introduced themselves afterward. The two acts became fast friends.

Friendship isn’t all that resulted from their chance meeting on The Playa. RÜFÜS offered to sign a Township Rebellion release to their Rose Avenue imprint, and the duo delivered the aptly titled 2020. The EP consisted of two tracks: “Definiton of Mimosa” and “Plastic World.” The former combined the latent tension of foley sounds with strangely symphonic synth work to yield a piece of music that explores a complex emotional palette. The latter was purpose-built for main stages, its triumphant melodies shooting upward like unmoving monuments to the human condition.

2020 came out during the pandemic, of course. Wagner and Mürle were overwhelmed by the effort’s positive reception, but it didn’t immediately translate to gigging opportunities. It nonetheless set them for when nightlife turned back on. As soon as emergency restrictions lifted in 2021, their music career effectively kicked into high gear.

The years since have seen Township Rebellion play gatherings not only in their home country of Germany, but also throughout the UK and US. Their output on the recorded music front has never slowed down; they still release sporadically on melodic techno label Stil Vor Talent, but now boast releases on the likes of Factory 93 and Filth on Acid.

Who knows where Township Rebellion would be without that timely cosign from RÜFÜS DU SOL? No matter how they got here, it’s safe to say the duo hold up on their own merit today.

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