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Hailing from Germany, Township Rebellion is a musical duo that draws inspiration from their rich musical backgrounds and the vibrant techno centers of Berlin and Cologne. Their fusion of influences has given birth to a distinct and mesmerizing style that has left an indelible impression on fans across the globe.

The duo steadily built a global audience hungry for their transformative beats with their notable debut on Oliver Koletzki's, Stil Vor Talent, in 2016. Their breakthrough moment came with a breathtaking performance at Burning Man in 2019—a defining moment that would shape their career forever.

Little did they know, amidst the crowd at Burning Man, Rüfüs Du Sol was present witnessing their electrifying set. This fortuitous encounter led to reaching out on social media and forming a connection, ultimately resulting in the release of their EP 2020, under Rüfüs Du Sol's esteemed label, Avenue.

Township Rebellion's distinct sound design, characterized by its narrative approach, has earned them admiration and respect from a diverse range of artists. Esteemed figures such as Lane 8 and Miss Monique have been influenced by their unique musical perspective.

From Berlin to Istanbul, Sydney to Tulum, and Miami to New York, Township Rebellion has graced renowned venues across the globe, leaving audiences enthralled by their hauntingly beautiful ambiance. Their music weaves a sonic tapestry of shadowy progressions, subtle vocal accents, and pulsating kicks—an irresistible invitation into a realm of musical enchantment. True to their artistic vision, they remain faithful in their commitment to authenticity, refusing to follow trends.

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