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The Tracks The Made Me: Worakls

Jul 22, 2022

Melisa Yuriar

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A classically-trained pianist from the age of three, French-born composer and artist Kevin Rodrigues, aka Worakls, has said he has always drawn inspiration for his dynamic compositions from orchestral concertos, movie soundtracks, and electronic dance music.

As a teenager, he was enthralled by the manic energy of metal. As he came of age to go to the clubs, he fell in love with dance music, he told Gray Area.

“Going into the club and seeing people dressing in a different way than they would dress in the streets. I found it very interesting. So, I started to go clubbing every weekend, and eventually, I even got a job at the club because I needed money to pay the entrance fees.”

One weekend, I saw Eric Prydz play. First of all, I thought, this guy is incredibly talented. And second, Prydz brings us into his world. He’s not just playing tracks that we already know by heart. He plays his own stuff.”

He began to see electronic music as a way to marry his many influences. The amalgamation of styles is a perfectly-balanced blend of soniferous compositions and elements from metal, techno, and house music.

For over a decade, the Hungry Music imprint label boss has accumulated an illustrious catalog of original compositions. Worakls’ unique penchant for merging classical sounds with rugged textures and vibrant melodies has led the artist to release some of the most acclaimed house and electronic dance records over the years.

These are five of the producer’s favorite tracks that have stirred and inspired him in his ascendance to notability.

1. Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard - Like A Dog Chasing Cars

One of my favorite soundtracks. Hans Zimmer is a genius and this track shows how good he is.

2. Sum 41 - Still Waiting

I’ve always liked this kind of reckless genre. It triggers my inner teenager.

3. Skrillex, Noisia, josh pan & Dylan Brady - Supersonic (My Existence)

I love Skrillex and every track he does is incredible. This track is a pure adrenaline shot.

4. Ludwig Von Beethoven - 9th Symphony

Probably one of the best pieces ever written. The kind that will echoe into eternity.

5. Vinicius de Moraes - A Felicidade

His poetry may sound simple but probably one of the deepest I’ve ever heard. Another genius that will probably live forever.

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