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Worakls Releases "Pipeline" Inspired by Multinational Climate Activism

Aug 12, 2022

Rob Engle

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Following the announcement of his fall Orchestra European tour and the release of his recent remix of Armin van Buuren’s “One More Time,” Worakls has dropped his latest original production, “Pipeline,” inspired by climate activism occurring throughout France and around the world this summer.

The story behind “Pipeline,” which Worakls released on his label, Sonate, is fascinating and salient. Activists and artists recently took to the Paris streets in peaceful protest of French-based multinational petroleum company and one of the nation's largest gas suppliers, TotalEnergies. Activists called for the end of what they call the company’s “lethal” oil and gas project, the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP), between Tanzania and Uganda. The non-violent demonstration saw activists express themselves through dance, music, and spoken word.

Leading French environmental activist Camille Etienne reached out to Worakls with the idea to create the song, and the idea behind “Pipeline” was born.

This single begins with a heavy bassline and a deep, heady electronic melody. Eventually, the bassline gives way to a flourish of strings which leads into an ethereal bridge and percussive crescendo. It’s an optimistic track that still captures the seriousness of the world’s ecological emergency — and the hope that lies within the beautiful and powerful efforts to defend our planet.

“We feel committed to this fight and at the same time full of hope,” says Worakls.

With “Pipeline,” Worakls yet again demonstrates he is a composer above all, his music meant for a live context. Following his North America solo tour, the Worakls Orchestra will hold performances in 16 cities throughout Europe, starting in Lyon on September 23 and ending in Munich on December 11, 2022.

French-born DJ and producer Worakls has paved a unique path in dance music. Blending his background as a conservatory-trained classical pianist and composer with his love for electronic music production, the artist has seen astounding success globally with the release of two acclaimed studio albums, Orchestra (2019) and Sur Le Front Des Animaux Menacés (2020), nearly a dozen EPs, and multiple world tours as a solo DJ and alongside his eponymous Worakls Orchestra.

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