Melodic House Maestro Worakls Brings Classical Music to the Mainstage

Jul 19, 2022

Rob Engle

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French-born DJ and producer Kevin Rodriguez—aka Worakls (pronounced “warrackles”)—is an artist who’s carved out a niche in electronic dance music. A classically trained pianist, Worakls has built a sonic world—and career—where synths mingle with strings and concertos combine with kick drums in a harmonious amalgamation that has enthralled audiences worldwide.

In 2022, Worakls is bringing his unique classical-meets-modern DJing style on tour through Europe, Canada, and the U.S., with stops in Brooklyn at Superior Ingredients, Toronto at CODA, and Paris at Zénith.

In his teens, the conservatory-trained artist jumped headfirst into electronic dance music, frequenting and eventually working at well-known clubs like Redlight Paris. Eventually, Worakls cut his teeth DJing throughout the country, drawing inspiration from artists of all genres like German composer Hans Zimmer, dubstep maestro Skrillex, and dance music powerhouse Eric Prydz, creating a one-of-a-kind sound that combined the vivacity of classical orchestral composition with the ethereality of modern, minimal techno.

“That...” he says. “Was the beginning of a very nice adventure.”

Although some of his upcoming shows will be solo, Worakls is already preparing for the 2.0 version of his renowned Orchestra tour, launched in 2019 throughout the U.S. and Europe. During its initial run, Worakls composed the score for a 20-piece orchestra consisting of violinists, cellists, percussionists, and an ensemble of brass and woodwinds players, conducting them at the helm with a keyboard and mixer.

The tour culminated in an iconic performance at Château La Coste in France, filmed by Cercle, a livestream media company dedicated to promoting artists and venues in breathtaking spaces. The performance, which has more than five million YouTube views, demonstrates why Worakls has earned his place as an acclaimed artist on the leading edge of sonic experimentation. Weaving seamlessly between original tracks such as the upbeat, xylophone-laden “Salzburg” and the deeper, darker, bass-heavy “Nocturne,” Worakls fluidly controls the crowd’s energy during the nearly two-hour performance.

As one commenter noted, “One of the happiest moments in music history. The drop, the crowd, the smiles on everybody’s face. Everything was insane. Gave me the chills and the wish to be there and share it with my beloved ones, so hard.”

Whether backed by a small chamber orchestra or performing solo, Worakls’ ability to simultaneously act as a conductor and DJ is clear, directing live harmonies that float over top vibrant, expressive electronic melodies. And when it comes to blending his classical roots with more modern electronic elements, “You have to find the right balance to surprise your crowd and keep them interested,” he says. This dramatic, captivating performance style is exactly what audiences can expect from his upcoming shows.

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