Welcome to €URO TRA$H: 5 Essential Tracks from Yellow Claw’s House Music Project

Apr 27, 2023

Ulises Vargas

4 min read

In a post-pandemic world, where melancholic beats have permeated the airwaves, an unlikely duo is eager to shake the system and reignite that innate human instinct to have fun and leave it all on the dance floor. That implausible duo is none other than trap and hardstyle mavens, Yellow Claw. Under their €URO TRA$H alias, the Dutch twosome are flag bearers for a new wave of cheeky house music embodying the stylings of early aughts artists who were practically begging us to have a good time.

Uninhibited and risque, €URO TRA$H was born of a months-long retreat in Bali, Indonesia. While in the island city, the Barong Family label heads rented out a villa (aptly dubbed Hotel Barong) where they stimulated their creativity, surrounded by the rest of the talents that make up the tastemaking imprint.

In an interview with Bandwagon Asia, the group acknowledges their transition stating, “...creativity just led us more and more towards these more house-y, dance records.” They continue, “It became a passion project for us and if you fuck with it, amazing. If you don’t, also fine. You can just listen to our trap shit.”

The end result of this gathering of the minds is the group’s debut €URO TRA$H album, ¥€$. The thirteen-tracker lays out the nonchalant, bawdy, and overall convivial direction the twosome has diverted towards.

Most cuts on the album allude to a rambunctious lifestyle, resulting in a collection of dancefloor-ready heaters. Out of the baker’s dozen, these are the five stand-out tracks encapsulating the essence of €URO TRA$H.

1. €URO TRA$H - The Function (Feat. Sky Sky)

No other song on their catalog aptly outlines the spirit of €URO TRA$H better than “The Function.” Where does one shake their ass? At the club. At the party. At the function. And that’s all you need to know.

2. €URO TRA$H - Pop That Pu$$y

Continuing on that ass-shaking mission, the duo shifts into overdrive. With a blaring siren in the background acting as a signal to act a fool, “Pop That Pu$$y” puts a stamp on the raucousness that brands their newfound moniker.

3. €URO TRA$H, Wax Motif - So Hypnotic (Feat. Bok Nero)

With the help of Wax Motif, “So Hypnotic” is a bit more subdued than the previous two entries, this time emphasizing the spellbinding movements of a presumed female dancer. Motif’s bass house influence is evident, a welcome reprieve from the otherwise hyper dance tracks on the record.

4. €URO TRA$H - Broke Bitch (feat. Lil Asian Thiccie)

“Broke Bitch” is an empowering call to anyone who may not have achieved their desired financial status yet still hold it down. With Lil Asian Thiccie as your emcee, this fun cut will have you singing along while tearing up the catwalk.

5. €URO TRA$H - Be Yours (feat. Syaqish)

“Be Yours” is a bit of a curve ball, deviating from the in-your-face house tracks, it slows things down with the aid of Syaqish. As the opening track on ¥€$, “Be Yours” is a soothing, deep house record, oozing sensuality and euphoria, acting as a warm-up for the insanity to follow.

BONUS: €URO TRA$H & Psycho Boys Club - Trust You (feat. Bonnie Strange)

While this techno banger is not on the album, “Trust You” deserves a spot on this list simply for being insanely good. Acting as the introductory record to their €URO TRA$H project, “Trust You” sounds like it came from the deepest, darkest corners of the underground. A collaborative effort, the shadowy techno undertaking features Psycho Boys Club and vocals by Bonnie Strange.

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