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€URO TRA$H, a name that reverberates through the bass music circles, has been making waves in dance music. However, this charismatic and cheeky personality is not just another moniker; it is the vibrant side project of the renowned duo Yellow Claw. Known for their heavy trap sets, Yellow Claw takes a bold departure from their signature sound with €URO TRA$H, diving headfirst into the realms of house music, infusing it with groove and funk.

Emerging in 2021, €URO TRA$H made an impressive entrance with the release of "Trust You," a techno collaboration with fellow Barong Family artists, Psycho Boys Club. Throughout the summer, Locked inside the massive Bali villa, Hotel Barong, the duo embarked on a creative journey, crafting a diverse range of music. From house beats to shuffle-inducing tech house and warehouse-rattling techno, their musical talent had no boundaries.

Their live debut at EDC Vegas the following year left thousands of ravers aboard the Rynobus in awe. With surprise art car sets, €URO TRA$H showcased their ability to captivate fans, bringing the dance floor to life with their infectious energy. The debut album, ¥€$, dropped in February of the same year, featuring the legendary vocals of Kathy Brown on "Everything Tonight" and a collaboration with Wax Motif on "So Hypnotic," among other house bangers.

The name €URO TRA$H itself is an irreverent play on a slang term for wealthy Europeans, embodying an aesthetic that mirrors the duo's refined and cultured YouTube video, "The Art of €URO TRA$H." Dressed in Victorian-era garb, they release a funny contrast with the vocal samples in their tracks. This alter ego perfectly aligns with the current dominance of house music and offers a refreshing take on the genre.

Yellow Claw, as a separate entity, has achieved remarkable success over the years, accumulating over a billion plays on their music and collaborating with industry giants such as DJ Snake, Steve Aoki, and Gucci Mane. Hits like "DJ Turn It Up," "Do You Like Bass," and "Till It Hurts" continue to echo in clubs worldwide. The duo's connection to the iconic DeLorean, featured in their first-ever music video, adds a personal touch to their journey. After an extensive search, they now proudly own a modified DeLorean, serving as the centerpiece for their return to the sound that defined them.

While €URO TRA$H is, in essence, Yellow Claw, the distinction lies in their exploration of different musical realms. Yellow Claw embraces the trap genre, while €URO TRA$H delves into house and techno, manifesting as distinct personas during live sets. This notion of multiple existences and a higher level of space and time weaves an intriguing narrative around their artistic evolution.

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