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Brooklyn-based 4AM NYC is not just a DJ and producer, but also a respected educator in the realm of music. With dual citizenship in both the United Kingdom and the United States, their musical journey is as intriguing as it is diverse. Their formative years were marked by the edgy fashion scenes of London, eventually leading them to the pulsating musical heart of New York City.

Over the span of a decade, 4AM NYC has captivated global dancefloors - from New York to London and cities like Pittsburgh and Detroit. Their imprint on the NYC club scene is undeniable, as evidenced by their successful residency and their party series, Spiritual Mental Physical, at revered venues like Good Room, Le Bain, Jupiter Disco, and Public Records.

In a league of their own, 4AM NYC is celebrated as a 'vinyl maestro.' Their sets are a melodic journey, transcending genres, and dedicated entirely to the rhythm of the dance floor. Emotion and narrative drive their performances; whether it's the soulful tug at the heartstrings, the infectious beats of house, the entrancing realms of techno, or avant-garde future classics, the experience they curate is always intense, genuine, and electrifying.

The DJing prowess and dedication of 4AM NYC have earned them the opportunity to share stages with eminent names like Natasha Diggs, Kenny Dope, Rich Medina, Chaos in the CBD, Omar S, Marshall Jefferson, Tony Humphries, Eli Escobar, Waajeed, Ash Lauryn, Moma Ready, and Dee Diggs, among others.

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