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If someone were to ask the members of Adelphi Music Factory what their mission is, they would probably say something along the lines of the following:

“An industrial northern collective of producers, DJs, creatives, and music makers - here to increase the peace.”

As the world becomes more and more divided, as more and more people feel like they are completely alone, Adelphi Music Factory is here to bring people together.

The group’s hugely celebrated trio of tracks known as The Gospel House Trilogy (‘Javelin’, ‘Feel Right Now’, ‘Salvation’) are taking the industry by storm. They’ve topped numerous charts and accrued over 15 million streams across the DSPs.

Furthermore, the release came with a series of limited edition vinyl, all of which sold out within mere days.

In their relatively short amount of years together, they have received support from DJs all over the world including The Blessed Madonna, Gerd Janson, Dusky, Disclosure, and the former radio giant Annie Mac who frequently selected the music of  Adelphi Music Factory as her “Hottest Record In The World.”

Adelphi Music Factory also produced a short film entitled 2020: THE FIGHT FOR LOVE, a creative work meant to provide hope and uplifting in the midst of the horror of the COVID-19 pandemic. The film was released alongside their single, “Uprising,” a massive piano house tune.

Their Rolodex of remixers is just as impressive as their Rolodex of support, tapping the indie dance heroes Hot Chip as well as the ascending talent, Georgia.

Now the band have taken their energy and chemistry to numerous live gigs, hitting famous venues around the world including Steel City and Printworks.

Simply put, with their clear intentions and the talent to back them up, there is no way Adelphi Music Factory can do anything besides succeed in their mission to unite and empower.

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