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Aljhae Williams, better known as Christ Dillinger, is a rapper and producer and member of SPIDER GANG from Bridgeport, Connecticut. "The Coochie Man" has a diverse song catalogue and has worked with many Spider Gang artists, including Wendigo, Lil Darkie, Teenage Disaster, Afourteen, and BRUHMANEGOD.

Dillinger frequently collaborates with other artists outside of spider gang such as Valee, 83Hades, Keith Ape, Lake Kyle, Swami Uchiha, Lil Slump, Kamiyada, Spaceghostpurpp, Chxpo, and others outside of Spider Gang. He has even collaborated with Sam Hyde making him one of the most prolific members of spider gang.

Christ Dillinger is known for his impeccable flow and hard hitting lyrics. Many of his songs are well-known, including but not limited to “Fuck Anthony”, “Hall of Fame”, “Post Malone”, “Ketamine”, “it’s 6am”, "Coochie Man, "Gerk Walk", "New Prada", "Dance Song", "Sell Your Soul", "Closing Credits", and many more, as well as a diverse range of music videos that can be found on the Spider Gang channel and Christ's personal YouTube page.

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