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Everyone’s heard of surf rock, but has anyone heard of surf house? Well maybe it’s not an official subgenre yet, but if it ever becomes one, Cut Snake will be leading the charge straight into the ocean to catch some waves.

Starting out as a duo but now consisting solely of Leigh ‘Sedz’ Sedley, this project came after Sedz spent ten years as professional surfer before fully dedicating his life to music.

Sedz honed his skills on the Gold Coast of Australia, one of the most famous places in the world for surfing, and also one with a prominent party spirit. The idea of hitting the beach for some waves and some brews was one that defined much of his early life, and he was soon taking that chill yet active spirit all around the globe when he was surfing professionally.

As he visited different hotspots for surfing he would dive deep into their respective underground communities as well, gathering a widespread and comprehensive understanding of what works on the dancefloor.

The Cut Snake project officially began in 2012 with his partner in music and surf, Paul Fisher (who would go on to become Fisher) with their first release, a single called “No Way”  officially dropping in 2013, and a record deal with Warner Records coming in 2014.

Cut Snake enjoyed numerous releases with this deal that spanned their full range of influences. From the melodic stylings of the five-track offering Life’s A Beach to the dancefloor ready double-header, Magic.

Now as Cut Snake continues to ride as a solo project, Sedz is keeping the spirit of the surf alive on labels like Desert Hearts Records and Percomaniacs. The sound is refreshing, yet sharp. Chill, yet expansive, and always ready to pair with some waves and some brews.

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