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In the dynamic world of electronic music, Mahmut Orhan has carved out a distinctive niche with his innovative fusion of deep house, indie dance, and nu-disco. Born on January 11, 1993, in Bursa, Turkey, Orhan's musical journey began in his teenage years, where he self-taught piano, guitar, bass guitar, and drums. This diverse musical education, combined with his exposure to a wide range of genres including traditional Turkish music, classic rock, jazz, and hip hop, laid the foundation for his eclectic sound.

Orhan's professional career took off with his association with "3-Adam," a vocalizing firm, signaling the start of a promising path in the music industry. His early work on compilations for "Little Buddha 5" and "Siddharta Dubai" with tracks "Ceiron" and "Fringe" garnered attention, but it was in 2015 that Orhan experienced his breakthrough with the instrumental track "Age of Emotions." The following year, his collaboration with Turkish singer Sena Şener on the song "Feel" achieved international acclaim, charting in Greece, Germany, Poland, and Romania, and securing the top spot on iTunes.

Orhan continued to build on his success with notable projects, including a remix of the "Game of Thrones" theme and the track "Save Me" with Romanian singer Eneli, both of which resonated widely with audiences. In 2018, his remix album "One" was released, featuring the single "6 Days," a remix of Colonel Bagshot's "Six Day War," which topped charts in multiple countries including Greece, Serbia, Romania, and Bulgaria.

Throughout his career, Orhan has been a fixture at leading electronic music festivals around the globe, such as Exit Festival in Serbia and Untold Festival in Romania, showcasing his ability to captivate live audiences with his ornate productions and dynamic performances. His music is a testament to his creative versatility, blending elements of electronic and ethnic music to create a sound that is both unique and globally appealing.

Orhan's discography is a reflection of his evolution as an artist, with each release marking a new chapter in his exploration of musical boundaries. His collaborations with artists and labels, including the renowned Ultra Music, underline his position in the industry and his continuous pursuit of musical excellence.

As Mahmut Orhan continues to push the envelope with his productions, his influence on the electronic music scene is undeniable. With a career that spans over a decade, his body of work not only highlights his musical prowess but also his commitment to innovation and diversity in sound. Orhan's journey from a self-taught musician to a celebrated DJ and producer is a compelling narrative of passion, creativity, and relentless dedication to his craft.

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