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Dalton Taylor is an introspective DJ and producer that is changing the landscape of the electronic music scene with his unique blend of old-school and new-school sounds. Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Taylor began his musical journey with traditional instruments, primarily piano and saxophone. However, his move to New York at 19 opened a new oasis that guided his artistic direction.

While the Midwest didn't have a strong electronic scene during his youth, New York exposed Taylor to the magnetic pull of techno-heavy, old-school parties, which left an indelible mark on him. This, coupled with the accessibility to various styles of music and crowds, helped cultivate his eclectic style. Taylor quickly fell in love with the seductive allure of dance music, and the distinct blocks of sounds he was exposed to became collectively intertwined with his personal and artistic growth.

Despite this exposure to an array of new sounds, nostalgia plays a significant role in Taylor's music. The early experiences and emotions tied to his first electronic shows shaped his sound, and he often tries to capture these feelings in his work. He believes that most music lovers can define their lives through their relationships with different genres, artists, or live shows, and he brings this sentimentality to his music production.

However, blending these diverse elements presents challenges. Taylor strives to stay true to his current sound, resisting any perceived expectations for his next release or gig. He acknowledges that artistry is fluid and evolves with maturation and environmental changes, and therefore, his sound is also bound to transform. While he struggles to balance his quest for cutting-edge sounds with staying connected to his roots, he emphasizes the importance of focusing on the feeling of each track and allowing it to lead to his ingenuity.

Dalton Taylor's music career has catapulted to new heights with the successful release of his track "Balance" on Will Clarke's label, All We Have is Now. The track is dynamic, dark, and is a certified potent dance floor groover. It sets an incredible tone for Taylor's journey within music. Its popularity has been acknowledged by both listeners and industry professionals alike, earning high rankings on notable charts.

"Balance" caught the attention of esteemed Dutch DJ Oliver Heldens, who rinsed the track on his renowned Heldeep Radio show. Further validating its success, the track landed at #92 on Beatport's Techno Peak Time/Driving charts, a significant achievement for any producer. Additionally, it broke into the top tiers of Beatport’s Hype Techno chart, securing an impressive #31 spot.

Recognizing New York's nuanced approach, Taylor understands the importance of careful selection and arrangement of his sets. He stands by the principle of connecting with the energy of the dance floor, all while ensuring his performances reflect his authentic musical style.

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