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Dan Miles is a producer and DJ with immense talent as a musician, but also one with a profound sight into what is coming next in the scene. As the sonic tendencies of trance and techno start to overlap more and more, Miles is creating music that honors both of these sounds.

The heavy grooves of techno. The vulnerability and emotions of trance. Coming together in such a way that encourages full-on dance floor expression. His latest single, “United,” speaks to that both literally (through the title) and figuratively through its sound which defies definition.

All that needs to be said about a Dan Miles track is it makes for a real good time.

This untethered approach to what a dance track should or shouldn’t sound like stems from a wide array of different influences. Miles has cited a very prominent love of drums, and in the case of what sparked that affection, he refers not to any dance artist, and not to any electronic music at all.

He instead calls upon rock and metal drummers Lars Ulrich of Metallica, Dave Grohl of Nirvana, and Matt Greiner of August Burns Red for their hard-hitting, yet tightknit styles. On the melodic side of things though, Miles taps more into electronics, naming tastemaking artists in the field like Electric Light Orchestra and Linkin Park.

Since 2019 this unique approach to sound has landed him gigs alongside some of the most famed artists in the world. Above & Beyond, Vini Vici, gardenstate, and Genix are just some of the major acts with whom Miles has shared the stage.

Most of these gigs happen in and around New York City where Miles is currently based, but given the expansive nature of his music, soon even The City That Never Sleeps won't be able to contain him.

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