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Hailing from the pulsating heart of Brazil, Maz, enveloped by an artistic upbringing, found his true self in the universe of electronic music. His parents, involved in the realms of fashion and cinema, undoubtedly influenced his intrinsic love for art. But even though the artistic chords struck early in his life, it was the life-changing experience at the "Universo Paralello" festival that truly delineated his musical path.

In the vast world of academia and professional pursuits, Maz did not shy away from exploring various ventures. Yet, music's siren call never dimmed, ever-present in the backdrop of his life's symphony. He took it upon himself to master the craft of mixing, curating DJ sets that showcased not just his skills but his deep-rooted connection with his Brazilian heritage.

As time unfurled, 2023 emerged as a watershed year in Maz's illustrious career. The globe echoed with his beats, from open festival skies to the intimate ambiance of clubs. His stint at Hï Ibiza was nothing short of magical, sharing the stage with luminaries like Fisher and Vintage Culture. The audience was treated to a spectacle when he warmed up the São Paulo crowd for the legendary Eric Prydz during the HOLO show. Moreover, collaborations with global icons like Diplo, Tiësto, and Black Coffee underscored his rising status in the industry.

Maz's 2023 trajectory was meteoric. He captivated audiences at major festivals such as Rock in Rio, Lollapalooza, and of course, his spiritual awakening ground, Universo Paralello. He made waves internationally with his gigs, notably at Hï Ibiza, and plans are already underway for his debut tour in the United States.

In essence, Maz is Brazil's finest export to the global electronic scene, weaving the warmth of Brazil with the global beats of electronic dance music.

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