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Charged with an instinctive boldness, initiative, and devotion, West African native, AMÉMÉ has showcased exceptional style and unique talent in his music career. Born in Benin, AMÉMÉ is greatly influenced by his cultural roots in his sound and production decisions. Being an expert in Afro electronic music, means that fans of AMÉMÉ can expect grand waves of tribal drums and divine vocals layered on a base of modern deep house and techno. Initially, releasing his work on his own imprint, One Tribe, eventually led to the opportunity for AMÉMÉ to link with Black Coffee, a supporter of AMÉMÉ’s since 2019. With such a prominent force advocating for his creations, it was certain that AMÉMÉ’s talent would breach the attention of others in the industry. He has now released music under Blon:Ish’s label, Abracadabra, has been taken abroad to tour with MoBlack, and has been signed to Watergate Records. Most recently, he was brought on to a project to remix Omah Lay’s song “Understand” for Sire Records. AMÉMÉ has also established his ability as a selector DJing around the globe. From Ibiza to Miami, Berlin to New York, Paris to Mykonos, his ancestral rhythms, rich vocals, and lively melodies light up every stage he plays. His energetic performance style pairs extremely well with his euphoric selections, and as a result packs the dance floor.

AMÉMÉ’s visionary skills and enduring dedication have been the cause for the insatiable growth of his musical endeavors and his label, One Tribe. His rise in electronic music has been remarkable, driven by his sophisticated and unprecedented methods. His perspective and push are evidence that he will continue to drop music for people around the world for years to come, ultimately bringing communities together and reminding every one of us that we are all a part of One Tribe.