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Zak Khutoretsky, also known as DVS1 - pronounced “devious one” - is a Minneapolis-bred DJ and producer who’s been in the electronic music scene since the early 90s. His combination of skills as a master selector and audiophile, coupled with his deep musical knowledge and unparalleled enthusiasm has made him one of the most prominent figures in the Midwest and US dance music landscape today. Though his international reputation has placed him among some of the most well-respected DJs, he does not think himself an entertainer but rather a vessel for music.

Khutoretsky began DJing in New York in the early nineties, but after his relocation to Minneapolis his style evolved from acid sounds to more complex, rhythmic techno. Now he is known to blend a variety of sounds and textures that allow him the room to paint a coherent, evocative, and powerful picture. Concentrating on eliciting a mood rather than genres, gives Khutoretsky the range and emotional focus that has garnered him worldwide respect. The consummate performer opts to play sets by ear, reading the crowd instead of mapping them out ahead of time - making his performances a one-of-a-kind, never to be repeated experience for both him and his enthusiastic audience.

His passion for dance music can be seen whether he’s performing on stage, going through soundchecks, or part of the crowd. His perspective on his profession, specifically in electronic music, is that the DJ should not be the main focus of events, rather the sound system should. Through this value, Khutoretsky began to imagine a sociological experience in which live music events are more than just a party, where schedules and set times are thrown out altogether.

With this idea in mind, Khutoretsky began to host his own parties in Europe called, “Wall of Sound” to experiment with the idea of taking the DJ out of the equation. Looking to get rid of any extras that “dilute things”, like visuals, graphics, a stage, etc. he instead covers the space in as many speakers as possible, making the music the real and utterly uninterrupted star. In this way he creates a safe space where people can go to get lost in the music, experience the space, and get rid of all unnecessary clutter - including a potential DJ ego.

Khutoretsky now splits his time between Minneapolis and Europe, wherein lies the Berlin-based project MONOM, a studio space home to one of the only two 4DSOUND setups in the world. When he isn’t touring, working on labels HUSH or Mistress Recordings, or producing, he can be found looking for records to add to his massive vinyl collection.

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