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Samantha, better known to the world by her stage name "Honey Bun," seamlessly blends her New York roots with her Texas upbringing, drawing inspiration from the nostalgic vibes of early 2000s southern hip-hop and culture. Now based in Brooklyn, NY, Honey Bun has carved out an eclectic niche for herself in the music world.

At The Lot Radio, Honey Bun hosts her monthly show, BUNTOPIA, captivating listeners with a distinctive mix designed to "sonically journey through the cosmos." The show also features guest DJs, each bringing their own interstellar interpretation to the theme.

When the sun sets, the vibrant streets of Brooklyn come alive with the sounds of Soul Connection, a party series co-founded by Honey Bun and fellow DJ, Lovie. Together, they craft an immersive atmosphere filled with soulful house, R&B, funk, and disco beats, primarily at the renowned Brooklyn club, Good Room.

For those who prefer an intimate setting, Honey Bun is a staple at Mansions, a fusion of a natural wine bar and nightclub. Here, she orchestrates bi-monthly all-night sets, ensuring the dance floor remains animated till dawn.

Internationally recognized, Honey Bun has graced the airwaves of prominent stations such as Foundation FM, Rinse FM, and Hotel Radio Paris. Her unique talents have also earned her spots on esteemed platforms like Boiler Room and Resident Advisor. Beyond her DJ work, she once held the spotlight as the video host for Noisey's Questionnaire of Life, showcasing her versatility in the music domain.

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