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Late Night Shri


Late Night Shri's avant-garde and eclectic style is a direct reflection of his hometown, San Francisco. On any given night, one can experience him artfully weaving techno, house, disco, breaks, and numerous variations thereof. The end result? A seamless blend that crafts a narrative resonating with the live audience's moment.

An enthusiastic record collector with a deep affection for electronic music, Late Night Shri's versatility is showcased as he fluidly performs alongside a diverse range of artists.

When discussing his unique approach to DJing, Shri notes a departure from the norm: “While many DJs categorize their collections based on genre or energy, shifting from one to another, I once followed this method too. However, as both a listener and performer, I found it too analytical and lacking in emotional depth.

Now, I liken my DJ sets to compelling movies. My aim is to immerse my audience in a whirlwind of emotions—from chills to joy, tension to warmth, melancholy to introspection. This intent drives how I organize my collection and defines the experiences I aim to create during my performances.”

Shri's impressive resume includes performances alongside a slew of world-class DJs and producers, such as Ame, Stephen Bodzin, Sebastien Leger, Spencer Brown, Yokoo, Bora Uzer, Laolu, Fur Coat, Woo York, and many others. His talent has graced top clubs in the US, from San Francisco’s Midway and Public Works to New York’s Superior Ingredients and 3 Dollar Bills. He's also been a notable presence at Detroit's Movement Festival and the legendary Burning Man.

But Shri's passion extends beyond the turntables. He's committed to curating transformative events, from free sunrise gatherings at picturesque SF spots to co-founding the iconic Burning Man art car, Discow. The dedication and creativity he invests in his events, combined with the unparalleled auditory adventures he curates, are the ingredients for the magical experiences synonymous with a Late Night Shri party.

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