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A New Yorker through and through, Layton Giordani took full advantage of the bustling nightlife the city has to offer. As a teenager, Layton DJ’ed at Pacha NYC at its occasional teen nights, putting him in a prime spot to hone his craft and network with other techno lovers. This is the place where he would go on to meet Drumcode owner and techno heavyweight, Adam Beyer. During their first encounter, Layton gave Adam his USB filled with original music - six months later Adam played one of his tracks at Awakenings Festival, jump starting his career.

This became a frequent practice for the young artist. Confident in his production skills after years of acquiring knowledge from musical greats, he would never hesitate to share his music with whoever he could. Having landed a residency at the prestigious Output, a former Brooklyn hotspot, he was once again in the right place at the right time. The tactic of sharing a USB filled with his music led to one of his first releases on Carl Cox’s label Intec.

Layton’s talent and intuition quickly earned him the respect of many in the techno scene, but it was Adam Beyer who took him under his wing. Under his mentorship, Layton began moving up the ranks in the upper echelon of techno. Now with the backing of Drumcode, the New Yorker’s sound is consistently keeping listeners’ on their toes. Though still rooted in techno, his more recent compositions have shown us his impressive production stylings brimming with ethereal melodies, city soundscapes, and acidic rhythms.

The 28-year-old has achieved more in a matter of years than most artists will in a lifetime, proving that tenacity, a thirst for knowledge, and a touch of good timing can lead to success. With still so much ahead of him, it’s evident that Layton Giordani has already set himself apart as one of the techno industry’s new school luminaries.

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