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During the high season, you can find Luca Donzelli on Ibiza. The Italian-born, Spanish-based DJ/producer is a current resident at Amnesia, one of the many popular clubs in the dance music mecca off the coast of Spain. Specifically, he’s one of an elite roster of artists chosen to grace the lineup of the club’s Pyramid series, which spotlights current electronic music acts that are in some way reminiscent of the form’s past.

It’s clear that Donzelli fits that bill. With his mesmerizing beats—which are often overlaid with soulful vocals—he’s bringing the funk, soul, and disco sounds that laid the groundwork for dance music very much into the present—and onto Ibiza.

His current residency builds on a long history with Amnesia, which traced back to the summer of 2014, when Donzelli had what he considers to be his ‘big break’—playing the club’s opening party.

But though he’s made his way to the big leagues, Donzelli started small. With a few residencies at Tuscany’s smaller clubs giving him a jumping-off point, he turned his focus to learning the ropes of music production, and after the release of tracks like “Bottle of Truth” and “Danzen Appeal,” even more doors opened for Donzelli. In addition to his debut Amnesia gig in 2014, he also played the club’s closing party and the Tini Soundgarden in Cecina, Italy that same year.

Now, in addition to his current residency—which builds on a long string of Ibiza gigs and other residencies—he’s added performances at Barcelona’s Sonar Week, as well as releases on labels like Wow! Recordings and Titbit Music.

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