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Raised in Southern California and part of the renowned Desert Hearts crew, Marbs was an eclectic child, influenced by legends like Pink Floyd and Tool, with a penchant for underground hip hop, reggae, and rock. His musical horizon expanded during San Francisco's Love Fest, where the allure of house music, introduced by the maestro Lee Burridge, forever changed his tune.

After years navigating the party scenes of San Diego, LA, and Burning Man, the Desert Hearts crew decided to host their unique celebration. Founded on love, acceptance, and a commitment to House and Techno, their 2012 Mojave gathering (famously the coldest one!) of 200 attendees morphed into one of the most acclaimed boutique festivals in the US. Marbs, affectionately termed "Papa Bear," is the unsung hero, orchestrating most of the behind-the-scenes magic with humility and dedication.

Despite his plethora of talents, he remains one of the crew's most modest members. As Desert Hearts propels itself into the limelight with their biannual festival, international City Hearts parties, and a commendable free record label, Marbs refines his production chops and impresses in the art domain, handcrafting all the label’s artwork, becoming an inspiration for tattoo artists globally.

Marbs' distinct musical prowess and understated DJ presence effortlessly captivate any dance floor with his enchanting dark sounds and playful tribal rhythms. The sky's the limit for this King of Darkness. Possessing a singular sound, a heart brimming with kindness, and unparalleled determination, Marbs is poised to champion this love-driven movement to its jubilant climax.

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