Explore The Sound of Desert Hearts Festival Through 5 YouTube Sets

Jan 31, 2023

Staley Sharples

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Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to Desert Hearts, there's no doubt that the uniquely curated festival will offer a variety of the headiest house music around.

Born in the Mojave Desert, Desert Hearts Festival is a community-built event filled with surprise sets, live art, healing workshops, and more. Now hosted in Lake Perris, the yearly multi-disciplinary event celebrates art, nature, and music, encourages radical participation, and leave no trace camping.

The Desert Hearts mantra is "House, Techno Love," and there's plenty of that to go around thanks to the freewheeling whimsy and genre-fluid exploration of Desert Hearts founders Mikey Lion, Marbs, Porky, and Lee Reynolds. If you're missing the positive vibes of the Desert Hearts community, revisit the magic through five of the best sets from the festival.

1. Lee Reynolds - Desert Hearts Festival 2019

Lee Reynolds firmly establishes his status as a music industry legend in this expansive 90-minute set from Desert Hearts' 2019 iteration. Reynolds locks in from the start, running through a pulsating tracklist of toe-tapping tech house that slides through a spectrum of electrifying intensity. With this set, it's no question why he's called the "Papa" of Desert Hearts!

2. Mikey Lion - Desert Hearts Festival 10 Year Anniversary

Mikey Lion's return to the decks post-pandemic marks an emotional journey for the Desert Hearts leader, and the feeling of elation is palpable in this two-hour celebration. Speaking about his set at the 10-year anniversary of Desert Hearts, he shares, "this party for me was three years in the making with the constant setbacks from the pandemic, and I've literally dreamed about playing this set for our Desert Hearts Family since 2019. Not only did I play my best, but we all had so much pent-up energy going into this festival and I truly believe we expulsed all the love and positivity we had inside us into the universe during these two hours, which made for the most radical DJ experience I've ever had while surrounded by my family and friends. If you're an up-and-coming DJ watching this, I hope one day you'll get to experience something like this because it was one of the most incredible moments of my life. This is what this music and this movement are all about."

3. Marbs B2B Evan Casey - Desert Hearts Festival 2019

Raise your consciousness in this mind-bending mix from Desert Hearts co-founder Marbs and Evan Casey. The pair plunge into an interdimensional world through selections of panoramic progressive house and melodic techno. This two-hour winding journey is ideal for long drives and late nights.

4. SHADED - Desert Hearts Festival 10 Year Anniversary

Dim the lights and pop on SHADED's minimal tech set for an immersive dive into the deep end of house and techno. Emphasizing the cool factor, SHADED wears his sunglasses at night as he spins a mix inspired by the sounds of Detroit and Chicago with a modern flair.

5. Porky - Desert Hearts Festival 10 Year Anniversary

This sunrise set is where to go if in need of great vibes that fill the space between relaxing and revitalizing. From the storybook stage design to the steadily rising mood of the music, a mushroom-capped Porky wakes the crowd up with joyous disco and atmospheric house. There's an instantly-iconic Bloc Party needle drop hidden here too, which elevates the energy of the entire party.

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